Asatru Wedding in Iceland with Norse Traditions

Ever thought of marrying in a way that’s both enchanting and Viking-like? A Norse Viking wedding might be just what you’re looking for!

Icelandic Asatru weddings are special and have become more popular recently, especially for those wanting unique, nature-inspired ceremonies. These weddings and elopements in Iceland are the blend of Old Norse religion and Scandinavian customs for a rich, ancient feel packed with the magic of Æsir gods and deep cultural roots.

Kissing couple during the Viking Norse ceremony in Iceland

Imagine that – running away on a black sand beach or making vows with Iceland’s stunning views as your backdrop. These ceremonies are far from the ordinary, giving a strong link to nature and the past. As you consider this, think of what pulls people from warm places like Autralia or Florida to Norway, Denmark, or Iceland. It’s the desire for a love story that’s unique and filled with Norse myths. And with Icelandic Asatru Viking weddings, each upcoming marriage is more than a ceremony even more. It serves as a spiritual voyage straight to the ancient Viking Era.

Icelandic Norse Wedding Traditions

Viking weddings in Iceland are a mix of old and new ways, deeply tied to Asatru. These ceremonies show a couple’s deep spiritual bond to their past and nature. Nature is key, and so is honoring the Norse gods, making the wedding rich in history and traditions. These Viking ceremonies are becoming more popular for their connections to the past.

waterfall falling down from the mountain in Norway

The Roots of Asatru

Asatru started long ago in the time of the Old Norse. It means having faith in gods like Odin, Thor, and Freya. This belief is all about connecting with nature and the past through Iceland’s stories and myths. Asatru weddings combine old ways with new, celebrating a couple’s spiritual and cultural ties.

Connection to Nature and Norse Mythology

The Asatru wedding cherishes nature and deep spiritual ties with the elements. These weddings are often in beautiful Icelandic spots, adding a special feel.
Important rituals include calling on Norse deities and blessing the earth, air, water, and fire. Goddesses like Freya may be called upon, highlighting the values of love and family. These parts make the ceremony full of myth and a love for nature.

Modern Revival of an Ancient Tradition

The modern return of Asatru owes a lot to Ásatrúarfélagið in Iceland. This group helps keep Viking traditions alive. It also guides couples in planning their Norse Viking Wedding.
With this support, Asatru weddings are part of a powerful movement. They unite ancient beliefs with modern weddings, ensuring a deep Norse connection. All this is done within the legal requirements of Iceland for weddings.

Planning a Modern Day Viking Wedding

Capture the spirit of Norse heritage and romance by planning a Viking-themed wedding. Combining ancient traditions with modern touches, this unique celebration will leave a lasting impression. The key to a memorable Norse Viking wedding lies in selecting a destination with both rich historical significance and stunning scenery. Here are some top places in the world, which are just perfect for a Viking Norse inspired wedding.

Viking Wedding in Norway

Norway’s breathtaking fjords, dramatic landscapes, and rich Viking history make it an ideal place for a Viking elopement in Norway. Consider Trondheim, known for its historical importance and scenic beauty, or the fjords of Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord, which offer awe-inspiring views perfect for a Norway elopement ceremony rooted in Norse traditions.

Viking Wedding Ceremonies in Sweden

Sweden offers enchanting sites like Gamla Uppsala, famous for its ancient burial mounds and connections to Norse mythology, and the charming Swedish archipelago. The Viking town of Birka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides a historically rich backdrop for an authentic Viking wedding.

Your Viking Wedding in Denmark

Denmark, often seen as the heart of Viking culture, boasts remarkable venues such as Roskilde, home to the Viking Ship Museum with its authentic Viking ships. The beautiful landscapes of Jutland and the historic island of Funen also offer fantastic settings for a Viking-themed wedding. Don’t forget to explore the Viking Age ring fortresses for an even more authentic experience.

Nordic Wedding Traditions in Iceland

Iceland’s dramatic scenery, with its geysers and volcanoes, offers a unique setting for a Viking-themed wedding. Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site significant to Viking history, or Stokksnes Viking Village provide stunning and unique backdrops for your special day.

Viking Marriage | Norce Wedding Traditions

Asatru ceremony with the ring

Handfasting Ceremony

Have you heard of a handfasting ceremony? Originating from ancient Celtic and Viking traditions, this ritual is common in pagan weddings. The officiant or an older family member binds the bride and groom’s hands with ribbons or cords as they recite their vows, symbolizing their union and giving rise to the phrase “tying the knot.”

Drinking from Horn

Drinking horns played a key role in Viking feasts and celebrations. Used during toasts and passed around for communal drinking, they helped strengthen social bonds and reaffirm societal hierarchies. This is a very common tradition used at almost all the Asatru ceremonies we’ve attended and worked at as elopement photographers in Iceland.

Use of Traditional Viking Accessories and Attire

Choosing Viking wedding clothes and historic outfits, including special jewelry, brings alive the Viking era. Both groomsmen and bridesmaids can wear historical clothes. Using Norse wedding items like special rings adds to the genuine cultural feel. Of course, you cannot miss horses as a part of your Norse wedding!

Asatru Wedding in Iceland

Sarah & Marcel’s elopement in Iceland was a charming blend of love, adventure, and ancient Icelandic traditions, set against the hidden gems of the south of Iceland! We got ready at the modern Scandinavian-style hotel in Vik. We didn’t miss a chance to have one of the most beautiful first looks ever nearby! Despite the weather forecast, we were so lucky with the light – just look at the pictures!
We felt pure joy and happiness, radiating from these two wonderful humans – during their beautiful Asatru ceremony at the foot of the Kvernufoss waterfall, and even after, photographing stunning portraits of them around the whole southern region.

kvernufoss waterfall
Asatru Ceremony in Iceland

Photographers | Jane & Tony of ISKRA photography
Videography | ISKRA photography
Coordination | Pink Iceland
Elopement Venue | Hotel Kria

Jane Iskra

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