13 Best Places to Elope in Europe in 2025 (including List of Places to Avoid)

Looking for the best place to elope in Europe? Look no further!

We made a list of the best elopement locations for couples who want an adventurous, beautiful, and quiet elopement.
We’ve also included some offbeat gems that will turn your elopement into a truly secluded celebration and didn’t miss some locations we recommend to avoid for a great elopement.
And the best part of it? We’ve been and worked as wedding and elopement photographers at each of these locations and we’ll be happy to share our expertise with you and help you create a beautiful story of your love!

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Where can you elope in Europe?

Locations for destination weddings in Europe

One of the best aspects of a destination wedding is that you can elope anywhere in Europe! Eloping lets you break free from traditional norms and marry in a way that truly resonates with your soul. In Europe, you have two main options for getting married: a civil (legal) marriage or a symbolic ceremony.
Choosing a symbolic ceremony, which isn’t legally binding, opens up countless location possibilities. While you might need permission from property owners for your chosen site, there are generally minimal restrictions on where you can hold a private ceremony for just the two of you and your longest memories. If you’re also planning to invite guests, you’ll need to find a wedding venue that can accommodate seating, catering, and other necessary arrangements.

The best places to elope in Europe

Norway elopement in Flam


Norway is the perfect place for an adventure elopement, offering a stunning and unique backdrop for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows on a glacier, with snow-capped peaks all around, or at the edge of a dramatic fjord with cascading waterfalls nearby. For nature lovers, Norway’s rugged landscapes provide endless opportunities for hiking, kayaking, or even a scenic helicopter ride to have the most remote elopement experience.
The Northern Lights can add a magical touch to a winter elopement, creating an unforgettable experience.
The best time for a Norway elopement: June – September.

Iceland elopement at reynisfjara beach


Iceland is an extraordinary place for adventure elopement, offering a landscape that feels like it’s from another world. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the dramatic Icelandic scenery of volcanic craters, steaming geysers, and vast lava fields. You can have your ceremony beside a serene glacial lagoon with floating icebergs in a lush, green valley surrounded by towering cliffs, or even at the top of the world’s biggest glacier!
We proudly call Iceland our second home, and being experts in Iceland, we prepared an Iceland Elopement guide to cover everything you may need for your destination elopement there!
The best time for Iceland elopement: May – September.

faore islands elopement

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a true hidden gem, especially if you seek a super secluded elopement destination. Imagine saying your vows on the dramatic cliffs of Vagar Island, with only the sound of the ocean below, or by the tranquil shores of Lake Sørvágsvatn. The islands are sparsely populated so you can find plenty of private spots like the picturesque village of Gjógv. Hiking trails lead to numerous hidden locations, ensuring your elopement feels intimate and exclusive. And what’s the best part of the Faroe Islands as an elopement destination? There are almost no tourists, especially compared to some raving destinations like Iceland or Italy!
The best time for Faroe Islands elopement: June – September.

dolomites elopement photographer

Italian Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites are a unique place for adventure elopement because of their breathtaking mountain scenery and diverse landscapes. Charming villages like Cortina d’Ampezzo provide cozy spots for a celebration dinner at the end of the elopement day full of adventures. What we love about the Dolomites is a combination of jaw-dropping views, which are not too difficult to reach, amazing food, and countless opportunities for outdoor adventures, from hiking and rock climbing to skiing in the winter. We’ve prepared a Dolomites Elopement Guide, covering all you need for your special elopement!
The best time for Dolomites elopement: June – October.

switzerland elopement


The Swiss Alps stand out as a top spot for mountain elopement. Their beauty and easy access make them ideal. It’s an off-the-beaten-path elopement destination, so don’t miss that chance! Switzerland’s airports in Geneva and Zürich get flights from all over the world daily. Besides, the country’s efficient train system links its cities, making travel smooth and easy. Such locations like Zermatt, with the iconic Matterhorn mountain, or the hidden gem of Switzerland – Lago di Saoseo offer breathtaking backdrops. You can hike to a secluded spot, take a scenic train ride, or even exchange vows on a mountaintop reached by cable car. Switzerland’s incredible landscapes and views, combined with its rich culture and world-class amenities, make it the perfect destination for unique elopement experience.
The best time for Switzerland elopement: June – September.

French Alps

The French Alps are an amazing elopement location because of their stunning scenery and endless opportunities for adventure. Imagine exchanging vows with Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, as your backdrop. Charming towns like Chamonix offer a blend of natural beauty and cozy alpine charm. You can take a cable car up to Aiguille du Midi for breathtaking views or find a secluded spot by the crystal-clear waters of Lac d’Annecy. In the winter, you can have a magical snowy ceremony with skiing or snowboarding. The French Alps’ mix of majestic mountains, serene lakes, and picturesque villages makes it the perfect destination for a memorable and adventurous elopement.
The best time for French Alps elopement: June – September.

eloping couple hugging in the mountains of Norway

Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps are an incredible place for adventure mountain elopement, offering specific and breathtaking locations. Picture saying your vows on the shores of Lake Hallstatt, with the charming village and towering Dachstein mountains as your backdrop. For a high-altitude experience, take a cable car to the top of Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm Mountain, where you can exchange vows with panoramic views of the Alps. If you love winter sports, consider a snowy elopement in St. Anton am Arlberg, known for its world-class skiing and cozy alpine lodges. The Zillertal Valley provides beautiful hiking trails leading to secluded spots like the picturesque Schleier Waterfall. These diverse and stunning settings make the Austrian Alps perfect for a unique and adventurous elopement tailored to your dreams.
The best time for Austrian Alps elopement: May – October.

elopement in Sweden


Sweden is a unique place for an elopement due to its unique and varied landscapes. In Swedish Lapland, you can exchange vows under the magical Northern Lights or during the endless days of the Midnight Sun, creating an unforgettable experience. The Stockholm Archipelago offers over 30,000 islands, providing countless secluded spots like Sandhamn or Utö for a private ceremony by the sea. If you love hiking, the Kungsleden (King’s Trail) in northern Sweden takes you through stunning wilderness areas with breathtaking views. In Skåne, the Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones), a megalithic monument overlooking the Baltic Sea, offers a historic and scenic setting. Sweden’s mix of rugged mountains, tranquil lakes, and charming coastal areas ensures a unique and adventurous elopement tailored to your desires.
The best time for Sweden elopement: June – September.

Madeira elopement packages


Madeira is an amazing place for eloping, as it’s a true hidden gem, offering stunning natural beauty without the crowds. Imagine exchanging vows on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or in a unique Fanal forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island’s dramatic landscapes, including the striking Ponta de São Lourenço and the serene levada walks, provide countless unique and secluded spots for your ceremony. Or, we advice to have a sunrise ceremony at our favorite spot of Madeira called Pico Ruivo! Madeira’s blend of rugged coastlines, tropical greenery, and tranquil settings make it a perfect, off-the-beaten-path destination for an adventure elopement!
The best time for eloping at Madeira: All year round!

Tuscany elopement

Tuscany, Italy

Eloping in Tuscany means you get to see amazing views and rich history. Many James Bond movies have scenes shot in Tuscany, showing its magical side. It’s known as one of the top spots to elope in all of Europe.
Florence has elopement venues ranging from small hotels to historic buildings and hotels, with gardens perfect for warm-weather celebrations.
Food is a big part of any Tuscany wedding. Together with famous Tuscanian wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, giving you a real taste of Tuscany. Choosing a place near Florence with its winery and gourmet cuisine is a great idea for your special day.
The best time for a Tuscany elopement: May – October.


Apulia, Italy

Apulia is an amazing place for an elegant and classy elopement because of its timeless beauty and sophisticated charm. Imagine exchanging vows in a historic masseria, a beautifully restored farmhouse, surrounded by ancient olive groves. The region’s whitewashed villages, like Ostuni, with its stunning architecture and narrow streets, provide a romantic and stylish backdrop. You can have a ceremony on the terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea or in the elegant courtyards of Lecce, known as the “Florence of the South” for its exquisite baroque buildings. Apulia’s combination of elegant venues, breathtaking coastal views, and rich cultural heritage makes it the perfect destination for a refined and unforgettable elopement.
The best time for eloping in Apulia: May-October.

cliffs of Moher elopement

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Eloping to the Cliffs of Moher is truly unique. They rise 214 meters high above the endless Atlantic Ocean. Their scale makes them a stunning place for a stunning Ireland elopement. The ceremony blends dramatic scenery with Ireland’s famous natural beauty. For couples who want their vows in a wild, yet romantic setting, this spot offers it all. To plan a special elopement here, you will need to prepare properly. Spring to early fall is the best season to enjoy the colorful view and mild weather. Summer is great, with temperatures perfect for beach weddings and outdoor fun. This all makes Cliffs of Moher one of the best and unique elopement destinations in Europe.
The best time for eloping at Cliffs of Moher: June-September.

Algarve elopement in Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is one of the most popular and wedding and elopement destinations in Portugal. When you come, you clearly see the reason why – the location is full of incredible and epic beaches, the coziest fish restaurants for the fancy celebration dinner, and of course, a unique calming, and inspiring atmosphere of Portugal. We’re real fans of Portugal, it’s incredible sunsets and sunrises, lush green tropical forests like one in Sintra. We’ve traveled glorious Portugal far and wide and will be happy to guide you and help you craft a unique elopement experience there.
The best time for eloping in Algarve: May-November.

Places to Avoid when Eloping in Europe

Santorini elopement

Santorini, Greece

Yes, this wedding photograph was shot in Santorini, Greece! The main reason why it was chosen as a wedding destination by the couple is because in 2016 it was far less touristy, compared to nowadays. Unfortunately, it feels like over-tourism destroyed the charm and uniqueness of Santorini and way too many weddings made this place not the best choice. From our perspective, Santorini elopement may sound like a cliche and not the best choice, especially if you’re the couple seeking for a unique way and privacy.
Better Options: Opt for choosing magnificent Apulia in Italy or the unique Algarve coast in Portugal. They are both much less touristy and would definitely offer you a much better experience for your special day.

Venice at the sunset

Venice, Italy

Venice, while undeniably romantic and beautiful, is not ideal for a secluded elopement. The city is a major tourist destination, often crowded with visitors year-round, making it hard to find a quiet, intimate spot for your ceremony. Popular locations like St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge are always bustling, and even the charming canals can be busy with gondolas and boats. The narrow streets and high visitor numbers can make it challenging to enjoy a peaceful moment.
Better Options: We recommend choosing Lecce, in Italy instead. It’s not so incredibly touristy. Another great piece of news is that the prices there are much lower and the best season to elope in the south of Italy is even a bit longer, so you can even choose the fall months for an even more intimate wedding.

trolltunga norway as elopement location

Trolltunga, Norway

While Trolltunga in Norway is a stunning and iconic location, it is not ideal for a secluded and private elopement. The hike to Trolltunga is quite challenging, taking several hours to complete, and it has become increasingly popular with tourists. This means the famous rock formation is often crowded, especially during the peak season, making it difficult to find a quiet moment for your ceremony. Additionally, the weather can be unpredictable, adding to the challenge of planning a private event.
Better Options: For a more intimate and peaceful elopement, consider the serene and less crowded Lofoten Islands in Norway, or the epic Faroe Islands, which offer equally breathtaking landscapes with more privacy.

How to elope in Europe

Can you legally elope in Europe?

Yes, you can legally elope in Europe, but the process varies by country. Each destination has its own legal requirements, such as necessary documentation, residency periods, and waiting times. Typically, you’ll need passports, birth certificates, and proof of single status, with additional documents possibly required depending on your situation. Some countries have shorter residency requirements, while others, like France, are longer. You can choose between a civil ceremony, which is legally binding, or a symbolic ceremony, which offers more flexibility but isn’t legally recognized.
Pro tip: Language barriers might necessitate a translator, and hiring a local wedding planner can help navigate these complexities to ensure a smooth elopement. Or, we also recommend eloping in your hometown and coming to Europe for a hustle-free elopement experience.

norway elopement
Iceland Elopement Ceremony

How to elope in Europe

HoW to Legally Elope in Europe

It’s pretty easy to elope in Europe! You will only need valid passports, birth certificates, and proof of single status. Documents often need to be submitted several weeks in advance. Sure thing, you’ll need to check the requirements and documents depending on the exact destination. Here are the documents normally required:

  • Valid passports for both parties are essential.
  • Birth Certificates to prove identity and age.
  • Certificate of no impediment or a declaration of intent to marry to prove the single status.
  • Documents usually need to be submitted several weeks before the ceremony.
  • Most countries do not have residency requirements, but there are exceptions (you need to check it beforehand).


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