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How To Plan The Unique Faroe Islands Elopement In 2025

Faroe Islands Elopement Guide 2025/2026

If you need guidance on planning a Faroe Islands elopement, this planning guide is your ultimate informational resource!

As elopement and wedding photographers shooting adventurous elopements and intimate weddings at the Faroe Islands for the last 8 years, we’ve included all the essential details about this breathtaking destination, including top places to elope, Faroe Islands elopement packages, marriage requirements, and other insights to ensure your elopement is unforgettable.

faroe islands elopement guide

All you need to know when eloping at the Faroe Islands

faroe islands elopement

Why Would You Want to Elope in the Faroe Islands?

Eloping to the Faroe Islands offers a uniquely magical experience due to its stunning natural beauty, privacy, and intimate setting.
Faroe Islands is a peaceful and private destination, making your elopement experience truly personal and meaningful. For nature lovers and those seeking a romantic getaway, the Faroe Islands are the perfect choice.
Not enough to choose the Faroe Islands?! Then there are more reasons to elope at the Faroe:

  • It’s very easy to get legally married as a foreigner, as the Faroe Islands have very relaxed marriage requirements. You don’t even need to be a resident!
  • For couples who love adventure, the Faroe Islands offer numerous opportunities for exploration and outdoor activities.
  • LGBTQ+ elopements and weddings are legally possible in the Faroe Islands.
  • Whatever season you choose – you won’t regret it! In summer you get almost 24 hours of sunlight, and in winter – incredible northern lights for your elopement!
Faroe islands photography

Best Places to Elope in the Faroe Islands

From the most iconic spots to hidden gems

When choosing elopement locations for your special day, the variety can be overwhelming! We’re excited to share our favorite spots for a magical elopement in the Faroe Islands.
With over 8 years of experience in elopement and wedding photography and elopement guidance, we can recommend some hidden gems where you can enjoy the privacy and beauty of Faroese nature. If you need more details or help deciding, feel free to reach out. Choosing the right spot is crucial, and we’re here to help you in this guide!

Faroe islands wedding

Múlafossur Waterfall

Múlafossur Waterfall is the most famous attraction in the Faroe Islands. This hidden gem is located in the village of Gásadalur on Vagar island, only 11 km from Vágar Airport. You can stay in the village overnight to have a great experience of this magical place and have the sunrise private elopement ceremony. The best accommodation in Gásadalur is the Múlafossur Cottages.

Drangarnir as elopement spot


Drangarnir is a picture-perfect view of the Drangarnir 230-foot rock that rises out of the North Atlantic Ocean and, in our opinion, is a must-see in the Faroe Islands. Situated between the islands of Vágar and Tindhólmur, this dramatic natural formation offers an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. The remote and tranquil setting ensures privacy, allowing couples to focus on each other and the moment. We can almost guarantee, you’ll be alone there, so choose it as the most private elopement spot!

Trælanípa elopement location


Trælanípa, also known as Slave Cliff, is an extraordinary place to elope in the Faroe Islands, offering breathtaking views and a dramatic natural setting. The unique combination of cliffs and tranquil waters of Lake Sørvágsvatn, which creates an illusion of hovering above the ocean, creates a stunning and surreal backdrop for an intimate ceremony. The remote and serene environment ensures a private and deeply personal experience, allowing couples to immerse themselves in their special moment.

Saksun wedding


Saksun is a beautiful and peaceful valley in the Faroe Islands, perfect for a wedding or elopement. Surrounded by mountains and a calm lagoon, it offers stunning views and a charming, rustic atmosphere. The traditional turf-roofed houses and a quaint church add to the fairy-tale feel of the location. With its green landscapes and serene setting, Saksun provides a magical and intimate backdrop for your special day. It’s an ideal spot for couples looking for a romantic and unforgettable elopement.

Hvíthamar wedding spot



Hvíthamar is an amazing point above the village Funningur that is on Eysturoy Island. You need to have an easy hiking walk away from Gjáarskarð mountain pass to get an unbelievable panorama of the Funningsfjørður fjord. Perched on a mountain ridge, Hvíthamar creates a dramatic and picturesque backdrop for your elopement ceremony and portraits.

elope at Kallur Lighthouse

Kallur Lighthouse

Kallur Lighthouse, located on the northern tip of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands, is a stunning wedding location known for its dramatic and picturesque setting. To reach the lighthouse, you will need to take a ferry ride,  that departs from Klaksvík on Borðoy Island, drive through narrow tunnels, and hike for an hour. The remote and serene environment ensures privacy, allowing couples to fully immerse themselves in the moment.

Múli as a wedding ceremony location



Múli is an uninhabited peaceful settlement nestled on Borðoy Island in the northern part of the archipelago. The last villagers left the place in 1992. Isolated houses surrounded by pensive towering mountains make a really strong impression of this scenery for your super private & secluded elopement ceremony.

Bøsdalafossur as an elopement spot



Bøsdalafossur Waterfall, located in the Faroe Islands, is an extraordinary sight known for its dramatic beauty and unique setting. The water flows from the tranquil Lake Sørvágsvatn, cascading directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush greenery, Bøsdalafossur offers an intimate and picturesque environment, perfect for a private and romantic ceremony. The combination of the serene lake, powerful waterfall, and expansive ocean views creates a magical atmosphere that is both awe-inspiring and tranquil.

Faroe Islands Wedding Reception Venues

If you’re inviting close friends and family to your elopement, check out these best wedding venues in the Faroe Islands. While some couples choose to hike with their guests and have a micro wedding without a venue (just in nature), you’ll need a venue if you require seating, tables, decorations, or other setups.

Do you need a wedding photographer?

How to Get to the Faroe Islands

Most people think it’s hard to travel to the Faroe Islands. But in reality, it’s about a two-hour flight from many European cities. For citizens of the USA and Canada there will be a layover in Europe so most of the time the flight is completed within a day.  Popular European connections are Copenhagen (Denmark), Paris (France), Reykjavik (Iceland), Edinburgh (Scotland), Oslo (Norway), and Bergen (Norway). These are the air companies that will get you to the Faroe Islands from these connections: Atlantic AirwaysScandinavian Airlines, and Widerøe AS.

faroe islands cliff and ocean

Travel Times and Connections

From the US:
Most flights from the US to the Faroe Islands require at least one layover, typically in Copenhagen, Reykjavik, or Edinburgh. For example, flying from New York (JFK) to Tórshavn involves an 8-hour flight to Copenhagen (CPH), a 2 to 4-hour layover, and a 2-hour flight to Vágar (FAE). Total travel time is around 12 to 14 hours. Common airlines are SAS, Icelandair, and Atlantic Airways.

From Europe:
There are direct flights from major European cities to the Faroe Islands. For instance, Copenhagen to Tórshavn takes about 2 hours, London (LGW) to Vágar (FAE) takes around 2.5 hours, and Paris (CDG) to Vágar takes about 3 hours. Atlantic Airways and SAS operate these direct routes.

From Down Under (Australia/New Zealand):
Traveling from Australia or New Zealand usually involves multiple layovers. For example, flying from Sydney to Tórshavn might include an 8-hour flight to Singapore, a 2 to 3-hour layover, a 12-hour flight to Copenhagen, a 2 to 4-hour layover, and a 2-hour flight to Vágar. Total travel time is approximately 24 to 28 hours. Airlines like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and SAS are commonly used.

A Few More Tips for Planning Your Journey to the Faroe Islands

Monitor Flight Prices
Use tools like Google Flights, Skyscanner, or Hopper to set up price alerts for flights to the Faroe Islands. This helps you catch deals and book flights at the best price. Booking early often results in better deals, as flights can be expensive.
Consider Shoulder Seasons
Visiting during the shoulder seasons (late spring or early fall) offers a more peaceful experience with fewer tourists. The weather is still relatively mild, allowing you to enjoy the stunning landscapes without the peak-season crowds.
Pack Your Stuff Wisely
The weather can be unpredictable, so bring layers to stay comfortable in changing conditions. Include a waterproof jacket and sturdy hiking boots. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sunny days, as well as gloves and a warm hat for cooler times.
Check Routes
Keep an eye out for new routes and direct flights to Vágar Airport (FAE). Airlines occasionally introduce new connections that can make your trip more convenient and affordable. If flying isn’t your preference, consider taking a ferry from Denmark or Iceland for a scenic travel to the islands.
Vágar Airport (FAE)
Vágar Airport is the main entry point to the Faroe Islands. It’s small but efficient, so you can expect a smooth arrival and departure process. Car rentals are available at the airport, and there are bus services to major towns. Pre-book your transport to avoid delays.
Travel Light & Smart
Due to the varied terrain, packing light is advisable, but ensure you have all necessary gear. A good daypack for hikes and a versatile wardrobe is key. Bring adapters needed for electronic devices and consider a portable charger, especially if you plan to spend long days exploring outdoors.
Stay Connected
Purchasing a local SIM card can be a cost-effective way to stay connected. Alternatively, check if your provider offers affordable international plans. Many accommodations, cafes, and public places offer free Wi-Fi, so you can stay in touch with family and friends or share your journey on social media.
Enjoy Your Time
The Faroe Islands are a destination for relaxation and natural beauty. Take time to soak in the serene landscapes, connect with nature, and of course, enjoy the special moments of your Faroe Elopement!

faroe islands elopement photoshoot

How to Get Around the Faroe Islands

Exploring the country by car gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and take as many pictures of the jaw-dropping sceneries (believe us, they’re everywhere) as you wish. So there are many companies providing car rental services. With some, you start your journey right from the airport’s parking lot and leave the car in the same place later. Our favorite car rental company we had a nice experience rending from is GLH Cars Rental.

Faroe Islands landscape with the road

Manual vs. Automatic

Bear in mind that automatic cars are more expensive than manual cars and you need to book in advance to have good options, especially during the high season.

Book early

Booking in advance is a reasonable practice concerning hotels, accommodations, car rentals, and helicopter rides, especially in summer. If you are going to visit the Faroe Islands in winter, you don’t have to worry about early reservations. You’ll have a good choice, lower prices as there are fewer tourists at this time of the year.
We would advise renting a hatchback as you’ll need some space for your backpacks and wet clothes to get dry;)

Tolls and underwater tunnel fees

There are 21 tunnels in the Faroe Islands that connect more than 90% people, living there. Tunnels are built to reduce the time getting from one island to another and to make this trip safe in any season and any weather. Only four underwater tunnels are toll road tunnels. You will pay these tolls at your car rental agency. As soon as you drive through the tunnel, cameras take pictures of the car and send information to the car rental agency. That way it just makes the lives of the Faroe Islands’ visitors easier, huh?
The Faroes are a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, so the Danish króna is the currency here. 
Below are the prices for driving through the underwater tunnels: 

  • Eysturoyartunnilin – 175 DKK (one-way)
  • Sandoyartunnilin – 350 DKK (two-way)
  • Norðoyatunnilin – 100 DKK (two-way)
  • Vágatunnilin – 100 DKK (two-way)

What You Need to legally get married in the Faroe Islands?

Civil marriage ceremonies

Civil marriage ceremonies in the City of Tórshavn are conducted by the major of Tórshavn and are free of charge. You first need to send your inquiry about the time and date of your marriage to vigslur@torshavn.fo. Then you have to provide the required documents. You can find more information about civil marriages on the official website of Tórshavn. You can be legally married at the City Hall in Tórshavn by the municipality from Monday to Friday between 10-14. You cannot get married on holidays.

Same-Sex Marriage in the Faroe Islands

Same-sex marriages in the Faroe Islands were legalized in 2017, aligning with Denmark’s progressive stance on LGBTQ+ rights. This means that same-sex couples can legally marry and enjoy the same legal rights and recognition as heterosexual couples. The process for same-sex couples to marry is identical to that for opposite-sex couples, requiring the same documentation and procedures. Civil ceremonies are available, and some religious institutions may also conduct same-sex weddings.

Faroe islands fjord ceremony

Legal Requirements for your Faroe Islands Wedding

Age Requirements:
Both parties must be 18 years or older.
Valid Passports:
Both parties must have valid passports.
Birth Certificates:
Original or certified copies are required.
Certificate of No Impediment:
Certificate of No Impediment needed, proving that you are free to marry, must be obtained from your home country.
Marital Status Certificate:
Bear in mind, that the Marital Status certificate is only valid for 4 months after it has been issued. If either party is divorced, a final divorce decree is necessary. If widowed, the death certificate of the former spouse is required.
Notice of Marriage:
You need to choose the right Notice of Marriage on the official website of Tórshavn and send it to vigslur@torshavn.fo no sooner than 4 months before the planned ceremony.
Proof of Residency:
Proof of Residency in the Faroe Islands is NOT needed.

All documents should be sent to vigslur@torshavn.fo in English. You will get an international marriage certificate in Faroese and English after the wedding.

PRO Tip: You can have a wedding elopement or a symbolic ceremony where you can exchange private vows at any location and any time you like in the Faroes and we’d be happy to save the precious moments for you.

What is the Best Time to elope in the Faroe Islands?


In our opinion, the best time to elope in the Faroe Islands is surely summer (June-August), as you get almost 19 hours of daylight, more or less tamed weather (around 15 degrees Celsius, and summer is considered the driest season) and huge possibilities to explore the country. On the other hand, it is a little bit more crowded during the summer and booking your accommodation is essential in advance.

Summer elopement in the Faroe


Another good option for a nice adventure elopement is the beginning of autumn (September- October). The roads are still not icy and snowy so you can travel safe and sound across the country. Bright autumn colors give a splendid backdrop for amazing elopement photography.

Fall Faroe Islands wedding


Spring (April-May) – is in many ways similar to early autumn and is characterized by a bit milder weather. However, it is known that the weather in the Faroe Islands can’t be reliable and you can experience all four seasons in a day sometimes. So taking that into consideration, dress in layers and bring a raincoat and waterproof hiking boots with you.

spring wedding ceremony in the Faroe Islands


Winter is when the weather goes to its extremes a lot of the time and the day is short. Planning your tour is crucial to check the weather forecast and road conditions. But winter can reveal truly marvelous sceneries. And if you want to witness the most impressive light show in the world, come a week before the new moon to catch the amazing Aurora Borealis in the Faroese skies.

winter elopement in the Faroe Islands
wedding celebration at the faroe

How Much Does it Cost to Elope at the Faroe Islands?

The Faroes is definitely a pricey destination, especially when we speak about food, accommodation, and transport. But if you’ve made up your mind to have a destination wedding there, let the adventure begin!
We are giving approximate prices for American citizens:

  • Round trip economy flights for 2 adults: $2,500
  • 7 days of accommodation: $1,300
  • Outfits: $2,500
  • 5 day car rental: $650
  • Gas and tolls: $150
  • Food for 2 people, lunch and dinner: $800
  • Hiking fees: $100
  • Full Day Photography Coverage: $7,000

TOTAL COST: $15,000

Activities to try during your Faroe elopement


The Faroes’ nature will win your heart as soon as you see the mesmerizing landscapes and abundant timelessness of these lands. The archipelago has managed to stay remote from the crowds of tourists for a long time and therefore preserved untouched nature as it was thousands of years ago. Thus hiking is a great way to explore all the hidden gems of these lands and enrich your travel experience with more astonishing views. You can read this useful blog post about the 14 best hikes in the Faroe Islands and three easy hiking trails, and choose the one you like most of all. You can also download the official hiking guide here.

Book a boat tour

You can enjoy the unique atmosphere onboard a wooden sailing ship and have lifetime memories of this adventure. A lot of such tours start from the harbor in Torshavn, so it’s easier to get there from any destination of the Faroe Islands.

Take a helicopter tour

Helicopters in the Faroes are a means of transport among the locals as it’s quite hard sometimes to get to smaller islands by car or ferry. It would be a bright and unforgettable experience to have a helicopter ride in the wild Faroese surroundings. But please keep in mind that it’s necessary to consider an early booking for such tours. 

Get a Ferry to Kasoy Island

Kasoy Island is situated in the northern part of the Faroe Islands between Eysturoy Island and Kunoy Island. It boasts a secluded nature and jaw-dropping views. There are even official James Bond tours to the island as they filmed the movie No Time to Die there. Read more about a day trip to Kasoy Island here.

Go birdwatching on Mykines island

Around 305 bird species were recorded in the Faroe Islands in 2012. The best place for birdwatching is Mykines Island. You can find here puffins, guillemots, razorbirds, fulmars, kittiwakes, gannets, and many more. It’s a true lucky find for bird and nature lovers. Be sure to book a boat tour or helicopter to get to Mykines Island as smaller islands are harder to reach in the Faroes. If you are a great fan of puffins the best time to see them is from May to August. 

Have a picnic somewhere epic

What can be more romantic than a picnic near the Drangarnir Sea, on top of the majestic Beinisvørð cliff, or somewhere near a waterfall, cascading down wild mountains? There are plenty of fairy locations you can go with your best half and have an unforgettable date in the Faroes. 

Try local food

Don’t miss a chance to try local delicacies at a real Faroese home. This practice is called the heimabliðni and the best place to find such an experience is at eatlocal.fo You can taste fermented lamb, fish, blood sausage, stewed rhubarb, and much more at cafes or restaurants serving traditional Faroese cuisine. Please look at the abundant list of the most popular places to dine here.

faroe islands wedding photography

How to hire a Faroe Islands elopement photographer

Faroe Islands are wild and that’s why it’s crucial your photographer knows how to handle changeable weather, rugged landscape, local rules and work in difficult conditions. Experience is a key to having beautiful pictures of your Faroe elopement without hassle and stress. Being Faroe elopement photographers for more than 8 years, we guide our couples through the whole process, help to choose a perfect ceremony spot, find the best routes to explore the place and provide with all the necessary information along the way.

Iceland elopement packages

Our Faroe Islands Wedding and Elopement Photography prices start at 7000 Euros and depend on the add-ons and amount of working time. All of the packages include:

  • Planning guidance
  • Handcrafted elopement locations
  • Custom itinerary of the day
  • Digital photography
  • Drone photography coverage
  • Custom client gallery with full printing rights
  • All photography packages include travel and other fees

Prices START at €7000

faroe islands elopement
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