Moody Saksun & Torshavn Elopement | Itzel + Mike

Those, who know us well, also know that we’re absolute fans of all Scandinavian countries, nordic weather, mood & of course, nature. That’s why the Faroe Islands were always definitely one of the top destinations, as being a Faroe Islands elopement photographer was always a dream for me.
So Faroe turned out to be a truly severe and harsh destination, with cold and sharp blade winds even in June (!), endless rains & super low skies…
However, there are a lot of pros at Faroe as well! First is that this land is unspoiled by people – everything is so wild & authentic. Btw, “Authentic” is probably the right word to describe the Faroe Islands! And second – is that there are almost NO TOURISTS! Can you even imagine that?! Cannot even imagine something similar, when we shoot elopement in Dolomites, Italy, for example!
During the elopement day, we were late for the ferries, got stuck in sheep jams on the roads, and got absolutely soaked under the heavy rains. But we still had a lot of a great time shooting an elopement for Itzel & Mike from California. Just take a look at how it was.

Jane Iskra

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