Winter storm wedding in iceland | Amy + Simon

The wedding day of Amy & Simon happened some time ago at Budir, Snaefellsness. Guys came from Australia with their nearest people – parents, friends, and even grandma! This was such a surprise for us because of such a huge distance and also, because it’s such an opposite climate and temperatures for them, right?!

These two battled the harshest weather in our more than 10 years experience of being Iceland wedding photographers… 
Just because it was an official snowstorm with all kinds of red warnings from meteorological & road services!
Pro Tip from the locals: Always check your road conditions before driving at
Returning to this day, now we’re feeling super blessed to be a part of this Iceland elopement, as I’m not sure we’ll be ever able to experience that ever again! It was truly a lifetime thing!
We got all kinds of water coming from the skies – snow, hail, ice & rain! It was truly epic!!!

Jane Iskra

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