Exotic & Intimate Bali Elopement

I can say, that being a destination wedding photographer is sometimes very difficult mentally & physically. On the other hand, our job gives us a unique chance to travel the world & capture the diverse beauty of love! Isn’t that awesome? We always wanted to travel to Asia one day, so once we got a proposal to travel to Bali & capture a super intimate elopement for guys, in a day we were already searching for the tickets. You know we’re absolutely happy to shoot an elopement anywhere it’ll take us. Even if it’ll be the idea of Dolomites elopement – just call us and we’ll be there!
We found the island to be very hot, exotic, and even crowded sometimes but nature diversity, a lot of unique spots & of course, and feelings of Faris & Jamiliya to each other, definitely helped us to capture these photos.

Jane Iskra

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