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All you need to know about Ice Cave Weddings in Iceland


The best way to describe ice cave weddings in Iceland – as unpredictable, largely due to the ever-changing nature of the glaciers. These magnificent formations can transform daily – melting, growing, collapsing, or shifting from stable to unstable conditions. Additionally, some areas may experience flooding during rainfalls, potentially compromising established safety measures.

The prime season for ice cave weddings in Iceland typically is somewhere from November to mid-March. This isn’t a strict timeframe. Depending on the year’s weather and glacier conditions, the season can occasionally start as early as mid-September and extend to the end of March. In some other years, it has been confined from the end of November to the end of February.

The stability of the caves also varies depending on which of Iceland’s glaciers you choose. Some glaciers, insulated by black sand within their walls and caves, are more stable and accessible throughout the year. When planning an ice cave wedding in Iceland, it is crucial to involve a local professional who is experienced in these unique conditions.

Where are Island’s Ice Caves?

Iceland is home to 13 big main glaciers, which extend through over 200 outlets. These outlets make the glaciers accessible via various modes of transport, such as hiking, driving, super jeeps, or snowcats which can also be an ideal wedding ceremony location.

Here’s a brief rundown of the glaciers that are most favorable for hosting ice cave weddings:
These glaciers generally offer the best opportunities for such unique ceremonies.

Man Made Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

If you’re not keen on hiking and prefer a more predictable wedding day, consider the man-made ice chapel to get married in Iceland. The Into the Glacier team offers this special venue.

Here’s what to expect: The trip starts about two hours outside of Reykjavik. Depending on the season, you’ll ride for 30 to 75 minutes in a vehicle designed for glacier travel. After arriving, there’s just a short walk to the entrance of the ice tunnel. Inside, you’ll see beautiful icy blue and white tunnels and a specially-made ice chapel that looks and feels like a natural ice cave. The best part of it – there is no need for a long hike, ice climbing, dealing with wetness, or carrying special gear. You can still have brilliant Iceland wedding photos even inside this man-made ice cave.


Natural Ice Cave Elopement

If you’re brave enough and ready to embrace all the beauty & unpredictable weather of Iceland – true natural ice caves are just for you! However, we’ve decided to tell a bit about what to expect when planning a wedding in the natural ice cave.

It’s crucial to employ a licensed and experienced glacier driver-guide who is familiar with the specific glacier area. Ensure that the company you choose has the proper permissions to operate there.

If the ice cave you planned to use becomes unstable, be prepared to adjust your plans. For instance, you could still have your ceremony near the glacier, perhaps in front of the walls or at the cave’s entrance, which can also be quite picturesque or ven choose another glacier or a cave.

The rugged environment can be wet and sandy, so consider laminating your vows to prevent smudging. Dress appropriately for the conditions.

The difficulty of the hike can vary significantly based on weather conditions, such as quicksand, glacier flooding, knee-high snow, slush, etc.

The terrain can include loose rocks or sand and gravel dunes, depending on the season.

When visiting natural areas, essential gear includes helmets, headlamps, and crampons. The type of crampons needed can vary based on how accessible the ice cave is.

Travel time to the glacier can vary from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the weather and the specific ice cave you’ll choose for your unforgettable Iceland elopement. Include additional time for the hike to and from the site, about 30 minutes for the ceremony, and another 30 to 60 minutes for wedding portraits.

Ice Cave Iceland Wedding Photographer

When hiring a local Iceland wedding photographer, inquire whether they have experience shooting inside of an ice cave. It can be a crucial skill and experience to work with difficult light conditions affecting the quality and style of your wedding photographs. All the photos from the post here were made by the team of ISKRA photography, in different weather and light conditions and we’ll be happy to create beautiful wedding videos and photos in the Icelandic Ice Caves!

Cost of a Blue Ice Cave Wedding or Ice Cave Elopement

And now the most frequently asked question: How much do Iceland ice cave weddings and elopements cost? The cost can vary widely based on several factors, including the following:

  • Time of year
  • Location in the Ice Cave in Iceland
  • Number of guests
  • Transportation method
  • Weather conditions (e.g., if special equipment like snowmobiles or special vehicles are required)

To provide a general idea, here are some estimated costs to elope:

  • Intimate Elopement in an Ice cave (no guests): $2,000 to $3,000 USD
  • Iceland Ice Cave Weddings with guests (depending on amount): $3,000 to over $15,000 USD

Your Iceland Ice Cave Wedding Photographers

Jane & Tony Iskra are an Iceland elopement photographer duo behind ISKRA photography, helping couples discover exciting ways to make their elopement a unique experience. They specialize in adventure elopements, super intimate weddings, and epic pre-wedding couple shoots. Feel free to contact us for more information about Ice Cave weddings and elopements in Iceland. Also, don’t miss our Iceland Elopement Guide to learn more about our work and other details.

Jane Iskra

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