How to Elope in Italy: the Complete Guide

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We’ve compiled a complete informational guide on how to elope in gorgeous Italy. Everything you need to know from How to Get Married in Italy, to Best Italy Elopement Locations (including some pretty unique ones). We also answered the most intriguing questions like How Much It Costs to Elope in Italy, and shared updated information on how to Get Started Planning Your Italian Elopement.
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lago di braies elopement

Italy is one of the most romantic and beautiful countries in the world. It is a motherland of pizza, Leonardo da Vinci, invaluable masterpieces of Renaissance artists in Florence or Rome, creamy gelato, and the tastiest pasta. This country strikes in its diversity! You can endlessly admire lofty and epic Italian dolomites, bathe in the sunshine of Sicilian beaches, go to Venice and be astounded by the stunning Gothic palazzi, or chill out at some luxurious villa in Tuscany vineyards. Italian nature is a true paradise on earth, no wonder Italy is the only country with 59 UNESCO World Heritage sites. All of it makes Italy a perfect elopement destination with endless possibilities for romantic couples and those who are wild at heart. 
We’ll break down all important points concerning planning an elopement in Italy, just grab a cup of coffee and follow this article.

How to Elope in Italy

how to elope in italy

Can You Elope in Italy?

Yes, you can! Anyone from all over the globe can elope in Italy. Foreigners can legally marry in Italy as well, although this will demand a little dive into the paperwork. Eloping is wonderful because there are no set rules. Whether you choose the beautiful shores of Sicily or the stunning landscapes of the Dolomites, what’s important is going with your partner and committing to each other for better or worse. You can decide where to go when to do it, and whether to have friends there or make it official right away. Read on and we’ll cover everything you need to know about a hassle-free Italian elopement.

How to Get Legally Married in Italy

We’ll describe an approximate process of getting married in Italy with the example of a US couple. But we consider it will be more or less similar to citizens of other countries. To be safe, please check all the details on marriage at the Italian Embassy of your country. First and foremost you’ll need to bring your passports, long-form birth certificates, and original divorce decree/annulment decree/death certificate (if applicable). All these documents must have certificated translations into Italian and apostilles.
There are 3 main documents you need to be legally married in Italy. They are:

  1. Affidavit or “Dichiarazione Giurata” – this document states there’s no legal impediment to your marriage according to the laws of the U.S. When you get the “Dichiarazione Giurata”,  you must legalize it at the Legalization Office (Ufficio Legalizzazioni) of the local Prefettura. Be sure to bring two revenue stamps, which can be bought at any tobacco shop.
  2. Atto Notorio – is a declaration, in addition to the “Dichiarazione Giurata” that is to be sworn by two witnesses who know you but are not your current or future relatives. If you or one of the witnesses don’t speak Italian, you must bring an interpreter with you. You also should bring two revenue stamps to apply for the Atto Notorio, which will be ready for pick up after four or 10 days. We recommend setting an appointment at the Embassy at least two months before your wedding day.
  3. Declaration of Intention to Marry – you should bring all the documents to the Marriage Office (Ufficio Matrimoni) of the town hall in the city where you are going to get married and make a “Declaration of Intention to Marry” (Dichiarazione di Matrimonio) before a civil registrar. We advise you to make an appointment at the town hall a month or two before the wedding.
    For more information visit the official website of the U.S. Embassy in Italy.
If after reading this all, you think that it’s too complicated and daunting, you can always get married in your home country and plan an international elopement in the Italian landscapes. More than half of the couples we work with, decide to go this way, which makes their elopement day much more relaxed!

Italy Elopement Locations


Italy is great for all kinds of elopements and weddings and we love it! You can find the most beautiful places here, such as the Italian Alps, epic Lake Como, Lago di Braies, surely fascinating Amalfi coast and so many more. Below you’ll find an ultimate guide to the best places to elope in Italy.

Where to Elope in Italy: the Eternal Classics

Lago di Como

Lake Como

Lago di Como/Lario is the third largest Italian lake (after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore), located at the foot of the Alps. It offers a beautiful scenic view and attracts tourists from all over the world. Visit Varenna, Bellagio, and Menaggio for the romantic atmosphere of colorful Italian towns, and admire the chic villas and palaces that offer terrific lake-and-mountain views. If you’re planning to elope with a stunning backdrop in your pictures, this place is perfect. 
We recommend this place for a beautiful romantic elopement but suggest visiting Lake Como during the off-season to enjoy more privacy in the lap of nature.



Tuscany is a region in central Italy. Florence is the capital of these lands famous for its landscapes, history, art, and culture, and is considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. 
Many tourists head to Tuscany for its cypress, olive, vineyards, and pretty villages with castles. Here you can also taste an iconic red wine and delicious Italian cuisine.

If you are planning your Italian elopement in this region, your photographs will have an awe-inspiring backdrop and you’ll enjoy your experience discovering these beautiful lands. 

Visit this website to learn some hidden gems of Tuscany.



Positano is another great place to elope. It is located in southern Italy and it’s a village on the Amalfi Coast. Its bright and vivid houses, orange and lemon groves tower above the beach on the cliff and make an iconic view. Here you can roam the charming streets, savor fresh seafood at local restaurants with just spectacular views, start on a hike, or take a day trip to Pompeii. Whatever you are up to, this region has so much to offer and will not disappoint your expectations.

Lago di Braies

Lago di Braies (Lake Braies) is one of the most popular and Instagram-famous places to visit in the Dolomites. The crystal emerald water of the lake reflects Croda del Becco – a towering massif, which creates a breathtaking picture. 

Whether you plan to elope here or have a symbolic ceremony -this place is a wow for any kind of event and photography. Be sure to learn about prices and traffic restrictions during the summer at the official website.


Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salernoin southern Italy. The Amalfi Coast beaches are among the most beautiful in the world and famous for their crystal clear water. This region is famous for its unparalleled views and divine nature. It has amazing hiking trails: the Path of the Gods from Positano to Agerola will show you breathtaking panoramas. Amalfi’s small villages are enchanted with their ancient atmosphere and the iconic Cathedral of Amalfi is a must-see. 

Where to Elope in Italy: Something Special



Cilento is a geographical region of Campania in the central and southern part of the province of Salerno. You can find the second largest natural park in Italy: the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. This region is known for its spectacular mountain ranges, unspoiled beaches, and village fairs. We are sure, Cilento can adorn your elopement experience and make it unforgettable.



Umbria is known for its medieval towns and lush landscapes of olive groves. It has every charm that Tuscany does, but here it feels more secluded and less crowded. We would advise visiting such towns as Spoleto, Orvieto, and Assisi where you can be lost in time and plunge into the ancient atmosphere of bygone eras.



It is a unique historical monument that shows evidence of human settlements from the Palaeolithic to nowadays. The city is carved out of the rocky slopes of a mountain and lies in the South of Italy. The place is stunningly beautiful and has a lot of museums and rupestrian cave churches that preserved beautiful frescoes of ancient times. We suggest hiring a local guide for a marvelous travel-through-times experience.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a coastal part of Liguria, in the northwest of Italy. It consists of five fishing villages with bright vivid houses scattered on top of the cliffs. The sea, jaw-dropping views at every turn, great food, and wine attract a lot of tourists to this area. Even though during high season Cinque Terre is overcrowded, the place enchants with its idyllic picture.

Where to Elope in Italy: for the Adventurers

Dolomites Elopement Guide

The Dolomites

We can sing odes to this part of Italy because of its epic landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Le Corbusier, the famous French naturalized Swiss architect, called them “the most beautiful architectural work in the world”. 

The Dolomites are a series of mountain groups in the Italian Eastern Alps that are made of dolomite, a rock consisting of the mineral dolomite. This region is a landscape paradise unparalleled in all seasons. You’ll understand why doing your Dolomites elopement photography here.
Depending on when you are going to visit, the Dolomites offer a wide range of activities – from hiking, skiing, visiting local fairs, shopping or just admiring the glorious beauty of the mountains from the terrace of a hotel.



Apulia (also called Puglia) is the southernmost region of mainland Italy and is known for its unique circular dry stone huts (trulli), incredible cliffs along the beaches, the soft sands, and the gentle waves of the Apulian coastline. Strolling through ancient puglian towns you’d rather think you appear at some magic fairy place than a real one. It is one of the best places to elope in Italy.
If our words are not convincing to you, surf this blog post and see for yourself.



Sicily is a picture postcard island in the Mediterranean. If you’re planning to elope in Italy and just have it all, Sicily will meet the most sophisticated taste. There are stunning Baroque hilltop towns, delectable wines, mouthwatering cuisine, over 25 castles, mount Etna, sandy shorelines, and a transparent sea that’ll leave a long-lasting impression on everyone.



Sardinia is the second-largest Mediterranean island with an abundance of startling views that easily win your heart. Sardinia is famous for its Caribbean-blue sea and soft golden sands, quaint villages, bright festivals, dramatic cliffs, pink flamingos, impressively vast and beautiful national parks and so much more. Seekers of adventure come here for good hiking, snorkeling, surfing, or tasting a true Mediterranean life. 

Best Time to Elope in Italy

Although Italy has a vast and diverse territory offering all kinds of nature and weather to anybody. We strongly believe that the best time for an elopement is May to November. This is the most comfortable, warm time of the year.
It’s also known to be pretty crowded during the high season (June – to mid-September) when the weather is hot and appropriate for holidays by the sea. But if you are planning a summer elopement in Italy and want to combine it with a honeymoon or vacation – it’s a brilliant idea!
However, if you are not a huge fan of summer (as it can be REALLY hot in Italy during summertime), we would recommend planning for such months as October, November, April, or May for your Italian elopement. The weather is already comfortable and warm, fitting great for a wide range of activities as well as for taking fantastic pictures of your Italian elopement.
If you are all into skiing or snowboarding and eager to combine active sport, and sightseeing with the magic elopement in a snowy wonderland, then winter (December – to March) is your season especially if you plan a Dolomites elopement.

Cadini di misurina Elopement
Cadini di misurina Elopement

How Much Does It Cost to Elope in Italy?

Italy has a high price tag speaking about elopements due to its extravagant venues, popularity among tourists, and cost of the services. For a destination wedding in Italy with 100 guests, the total cost can range from around $43,650 to $92,850. The specific expenses depend on location, venue, and catering choices. Nevertheless, we are paying for great experiences, breathtaking views, and good memories that are priceless with time. Also, eloping will definitely be a cheaper option, compared to a regular wedding.

The Average Cost to Elope in Italy will be as follows:

  • Travel and Accommodation: $3500
  • Marriage License + Permits: $300
  • Photographer: $6,500
  • Attires: $3,500
  • Flowers: $500
  • Hair and Make Up: $500
  • Wedding Cake: $300
  • Officiant: $300
  • One fancy celebration dinner: $400
  • Total: $15,800

Italy Elopement Ideas & Activities

Italy has a bunch of gorgeous locations to elope. But there are also countless places for active and adventurous sports or lazy sunbathing at the beach. We’ll give you just some ideas about what you can do while in Italy:

  1. Hike through the mountains
  2. Take a boat tour at Lago di Braies
  3. Stay at Agriturismo farm 
  4. Visit a pizza or pasta masterclass
  5. Go to local festivals
  6. Visit Italian opera
  7. Go sightseeing through medieval towns
  8. Learn the secrets of wine-making at the best vineyards in Italy
  9. Book a wine degustation tour
  10. Visit famous museums and exhibitions
  11. Explore beautiful beaches and lagoons
  12. Admire the diversity of flora and fauna at national parks
  13. See the tallest active volcano in Europe
  14. Discover amazing snorkeling sites
  15. Skiing
  16. Snowboarding
  17. Visit Rome, Florence, and Venice
  18. Find out why Puglia is so special
  19. Try Italian national cuisine
  20. Communicate with the locals and taste Mediterranean life and cuisine

Italy Elopement Packages

Our Italy Elopement Packages start at $6,500 for full-day coverage and include:

  • Work of a 2 photographer team for duration of 8 hours
  • Location Assistance
  • Vendor & Accommodation Recommendations
  • Custom Timeline
  • Unlimited Planning Assistance
  • All fees included
  • Drone photography coverage 
  • Customized online gallery of high-resolution images and print store
lago di braies elopement

Hiring an Elopement Photographer in Italy

Your Italy Elopement Photographers are one of the Most Important Decisions

We are Jane & Anton Iskra – a duo of wedding and elopement photographers and elopement experts.
We understand that choosing a photographer for your elopement can be a little bit overwhelming. Italy is great and we are eager to share our passion for its landscapes, dramatic mountains, and open-hearted people with you.
We’ve roamed Italian lands far and wide and photographed beautiful elopements of couples from different parts of the world. With us, you have trustworthy expertise, constant assistance, and a guaranteed excellent result. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your demands and testes, we would roughly say it’s around $12.000-$15.000.

Italy has something to offer for everyone! There are epic mountains in the Dolomites, vast vineyards in Sardinia, picturesque valleys with cypress trees, luscious hills in Tuscany, the best beaches of Sicily or the Amalfy Coast -you name it! We hope our guide on how to elope in Italy will be helpful and inspiring for you.

Yes! People from around the globe can legally marry in Italy. You can learn more about it from our elopement guide.

You need 3 main documents to get legally married in Italy, they are Affidavit, Atto Notorio, and Declaration of Intention to marry. You’ll need to make sure all the documents are correct for a successful legal marriage in Italy.

Italy is great for any kind of elopement, from chic customized events at splendid villas to sweet romantic ones in the mountains or at the lake. It can offer you the most beautiful places in the world for a stunning elopement.

The main requirements for eloping in Italy are choosing the right place, time, and elopement vendors if it is going to be a big event. A wedding planner can take most of the hassle concerning the preparation, legality, communication, and a lot more.

In Italy, same-sex couples can marry through a civil union. To establish a civil union, the two in love need to make an appointment with the local town hall. Then they come at the designated time to make a declaration to the registrar of the town hall in the presence of two witnesses.

Italy is a great place for foreigners and in most cases quite safe. However, it’s better to exercise caution and learn about your surroundings.

Absolutely! Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the landscapes of Liguria and Lombardy will win your heart.

Jane Iskra

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