Dolomites Elopement Guide

How To Plan The Most Epic Dolomites Elopement In 2025

Planning to elope in the Dolomites? Look no further!

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide on how to elope in the Dolomites. Whatever you’re looking for – you’ll find this information below!
And what’s the best part of this? We’ve worked at numerous adventure elopements and hiking weddings in the Dolomites and around the globe, so we’ll be happy to share this priceless experience with you. Continue to read and you’ll get all the information needed to elope in the Dolomites!

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Dolomites Elopement guide

How to Elope in Dolomites

  1. Choose the best time of year to elope in the Dolomites
  2. Choose the best place to elope
  3. Getting married in the Dolomites
  4. Book your stay when eloping
  5. Book your elopement activities
  6. Dolomites elopement packages

How To Plan Your Dolomites Elopement

As local adventure photographers and guides working in the Dolomites, we are excited to share our expertise in planning a memorable elopement in the stunning Italian Alps. This region is renowned for its breathtaking alpine scenery, adventure opportunities, and the chance to experience a unique, intimate wedding ceremony. We have been able to scout some of the most exclusive locations for your elopement during the last 8 years. From well-known spots that showcase the region’s stunning beauty to lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path destinations, there is a diverse range of options to suit every couple’s preferences. Some locations are easily accessible, while others require more effort, but the rewards are well worth it. We will help you navigate the region’s most iconic spots and ensure that your elopement is a truly unforgettable moment in your life.

Planning your trip to the Dolomites

The Dolomites, a stunning mountain range in northern Italy, offer breathtaking scenery for those looking to elope. This area is known for its dramatic peaks, lush valleys, and picturesque views that create a perfect backdrop for any ceremony like here. Can you imagine your elopement ceremony looking like this? We’ll be happy to guide you around!

Cadini di misurina Elopement
Cadini di misurina Elopement

Best Places to Elope in Dolomites

Cadini di Misurina

Surrounded by sharp peaks, Cadini di Misurina delivers dramatic backdrops for photos. It’s perfect for couples who want rugged natural beauty in their elopement. It’s the end of the pretty steep hiking trail, which could be pretty busy. That’s why we don’t recommend it as a ceremony place, but it’s anyway still very worth a hike for some absolutely mindblowing photos.

Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee)

Lago di Braies is a lake with crystal-clear water surrounded by forested mountains. It’s fantastic for intimate ceremonies and stunning photographs. The recent popularity of this place skyrocketed and now it’s incredibly crowded, especially in the summer season. That’s why we strongly recommend planning a sunrise photoshoot or an intimate elopement ceremony there to escape tourists. There is also an option of booking the whole legendary boathouse (called La Palafitta) and pier for a photoshoot here and enjoying almost complete privacy starting from a pretty reasonable €200. However, there still are tourists around, so if you want to escape them – consider going higher to the mountains!

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Known for iconic views, these three towering peaks stand out against the sky. Absolutely an iconic place, providing a magnificent setting at sunrise or sunset. Our main pick will be coming here during the golden hour before the sunset, just because the light there would be the right direction and we’ll be also able to have some amazing photos at dusk, which is our favorite time. There is a fee of €30 to enter the road leading to the Rifugio Auronzo parking, where we start our hike.

Passo Giau

Passo Giau features rolling hills and 360-degree mountain views. Absolute banger. It’s less crowded, providing privacy for your elopement moments, especially at the sunsets. It’s our second favorite mountain pass with mindblowing views. There is no fee to get there and a second bonus – you don’t even need to hike! It’s easily accessible by car.


This spot is famous for its jaw-dropping panoramic views. With green slopes and cliffs, it’s ideal for a summer or fall ceremony. It’s a pretty vast spot and whether you choose to come there at sunrise or sunset – we’ll be able to find a secluded spot for an intimate elopement ceremony. It’s comparably easy to get to Seceda – the first one is the cableway Ortisei-Furnes and after – the cableway Furnes-Seceda. The cost of the roundup trip is €40 per person.
No hike is needed after – it’s a light walk of around 15-20 minutes form the cableway station.


Where Are The Dolomites?

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Alps, the Dolomites are a stunning mountain range that spans several Italian provinces. These include South Tirol, Trentino, and Belluno. Known for their breathtaking landscapes and unique geological formations, these mountains captivate visitors from around the globe.

In 2009, this majestic range earned its title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its extraordinary beauty and natural significance. Its diverse ecosystem supports a wide variety of flora and fauna, adding to its allure.

Each province offers its own charm and character. Explorers can find endless adventures in this vast area. You can hike through lush forests in Trentino or the mountain peaks of Cadini di Misurina. Or, enjoy the culture in South Tirol and Belluno. The Dolomites are an ideal backdrop for your adventure elopement or travel.

How to Get to the Dolomites

Getting to the Dolomites in Italy is straightforward with multiple transport options. Here’s how you can reach this stunning destination for your elopement.

  1. Fly into Nearby Airports: The closest airports are Innsbruck, Milan, and Venice. That’s why it’s so easy for travelers to come from different parts of the world.
  2. Rent a Car: Once you land, renting a car gives you the flexibility to explore the Dolomites your way. Public transport is available, but having a car allows you to visit hidden gems and make stops wherever you want. We can easily recommend this local car rental.
  3. Plan Your Route: If driving from Innsbruck, Verona, or Venice, map out your route ahead of time. You won’t choose a bad route, as all the routes are scenic offering breathtaking views of the mountains as you approach the Dolomites.
  4. Use Public Transport: Buses and trains connect major towns around the Dolomites. This option works well if you prefer not to drive. You can still access popular spots without worry.
  5. Consider Airport Transfers: Some hotels and resorts offer direct transfers from nearby airports. Check with your accommodation to see if they provide this service for a hassle-free journey.
  6. Stay Connected: Use GPS on your smartphone. Or, rent a GPS with your car rental. It will help you stay on track during your drive on unfamiliar roads.
When planning an elopement, the usual 1-2 year advance booking timeline for traditional weddings may not apply. It's important to secure key elopement vendors early, focusing on travel arrangements within a year of the event. Some venues and hotels may not confirm bookings over 12 months in advance. We have experience booking elopements up to 2 years ahead and helping couples plan the Dolomites Elopement in just 1 month!

Best Time to Elope in the Dolomites


We strongly believe, that summer, from June to September, is the best time to elope in the Dolomites. The weather is warm and stable, the days are long, and all the main sites are easily accessible. However, it’s also when the Dolomites are busiest, especially the most famous spots and we will all need to plan the itinerary of the shoot very thoroughly to escape crowds.


Autumn, October, and November bring out the Dolomites’ true golden tones and soul. The forests and valleys burst into vibrant colors. The weather is still mild, the lakes normally aren’t covered with ice yet, and the days are long enough to enjoy everything the Dolomites have to offer. It’s our second favorite time of year for the elopements.

Dolomites Elopement Guide


Winter lasts from late November to March. If you dream of eloping in the Dolomites with snow and skiing activities, this is the perfect time! But remember many areas like mountain passes and lakes, such as Braies Lake (but not only it), are inaccessible or completely frozen during this period.


Spring brings new life to the Dolomites. As temperatures rise, snow melts, mountain trails open up, and flowers bloom all over the place! It’s a beautiful time for an elopement, especially if you choose your location wisely.
In early spring, higher elevations are still covered with snow, so it’s best to plan for later in the season. May is an ideal month, bridging spring and summer, offering great accessibility, nicer weather, and fewer tourists.

Average Weather Trends In The Dolomites

Average weather trends in Dolomites

Average weather for the heart of the Dolomites and the town, with the most concentration of famous sights nearby – Cortina d’Ampezzo. Source – meteoblue. You can choose which month and temperature outside are the best fit for you.

Where to Stay During Your Dolomites Elopement

Dolomites Elopement Guide

Finding the perfect place to stay in the Dolomites is easy, with options from cozy AirBnBs to luxury hotels and mountain rifugios (hotels), that promise an unforgettable experience for your elopement. Here is our top.

  1. Kolfuschgerhof Mountain Resort – Nestled within the heart of the Dolomites, this resort offers stunning views and luxurious amenities. You can relax in their spa after a day of exploring.
  2. Mi Chalet – Mi Chalet is a luxurious chalet located in La Villa, Italy, nestled amidst the stunning Dolomites mountain range. It’s designed specifically for couples seeking a romantic getaway, offering an exclusive and private escape. Wake up to panoramic mountain vistas every morning.
  3. Hotel Fanes San Cassiano – Known for its top-notch service and elegant rooms, Hotel Fanes adds a touch of luxury to your elopement experience. Enjoy gourmet Italian cuisine at their restaurant.
  4. Chalet Rönn – Chalet Rönn, situated in the heart of the stunning Dolomites in South Tyrol, offers a captivating elopement destination for couples seeking an intimate and unforgettable start to their married life.
  5. Mountain Chalet Pia – Experience authentic alpine living in these charming chalets. They feature rustic decor and provide easy access to scenic nature trails.
  6. Caravan Park Sexten Treehouses – For something truly unique, stay in a treehouse! The treehouses are a unique glamping experience that allows guests to stay amidst the beauty of the Dolomites.

Best Rifugios (Mountain hotels)

Stay in one of these traditional mountain huts to feel the true spirit of the Dolomites. Nothing glamorous, but “This is the way!”

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

To get married, you need to meet the legal requirements to legally get married. This includes submitting paperwork, such as:

  1. Valid Passports of both parties.
  2. Originals of birth certificates of both parties.
  3. Evidence of end of previous marriage status (Divorce papers, death certificate)
  4. A Nulla Osta (permission to get married in Italy).
  5. Marriage Declaration at the town hall in Italy where plan to get married.

You need to do this several months in advance. You give the papers to the local authorities of the town where you will marry. Requirements might differ slightly by your nationality. So, it’s best to ask the nearest Italian consulate or embassy for details.
You can have a civil ceremony at the local town hall or a religious ceremony at a church, depending on your preference. Some locations might also allow outdoor ceremonies in designated areas with prior approval.

More than 50% of couples eloping in the Dolomites (from our experience), complete the legal paperwork at home and just come to Italy for a hustle-free adventurous elopement. This approach simplifies the process and lets them focus on the beauty of their special day in iconic locations like Cortina d’Ampezzo or Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Can Foreigners and US Citizens legally get married in the Dolomites?

Yes, of course! Italy allows foreign couples to have a legal Dolomites wedding, either through a religious or civil ceremony.
However, there are some requirements and steps you need to follow to ensure a smooth process.

Can LGBTQ+ couples get married in Italy?

Same-sex couples can enter into civil partnerships, which are recognized throughout the country. However, these unions don’t carry the title of marriage. That’s why we recommend LGBTQ+ couples get married in their home country and come to the Dolomites for an elopement day with jaw-dropping views.

How to avoid crowds in the Dolomites?

Here are some secrets to dodge the crowds and have a more intimate experience:

  1. Skip the summer rush! Instead, aim for the shoulder seasons (spring or fall) when the crowds thin out and the weather is still pleasant.
  2. Elope at sunrise! Early mornings are usually much quieter than evenings, giving you more privacy for your vows. Imagine exchanging them as the sun paints the mountains with golden light!
  3. Weekends tend to be busier with tourists, so consider eloping mid-week for a calmer atmosphere.
  4. Choose a location that requires a bit of a hike. The more effort it takes to get there, the fewer people you’ll encounter. Bonus points if you combine this with a sunrise ceremony
    mid-week during the shoulder season!
  5. If hiking isn’t your style, consider a private helicopter ride to take you away to a secluded spot for your special moment.

Photography permits

No permits are required for weddings or photography in the Dolomites, unlike most US national parks. To preserve the ecosystem, practice Leave No Trace Principles and be considerate of nature.

What to plan for your Dolomites Elopement and honeymoon in Dolomites?

The Dolomites offer a vast range of activities depending on your destination and the time of year, from hiking and skiing to sightseeing and indulging in local cuisine. Here is the list of ideas:

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in THE Dolomites?

You might be thinking, that eloping in the gorgeous Dolomites costs a ton of money, but actually cheaper than a regular wedding in the USA! Not sure about that?
Well, the price of a wedding in the USA in 2024 will be around $35,000, especially in big cities where it might even cost more.

Instead, eloping in the Dolomites could cost you sometimes less than half of this price, and you can even combine it with your honeymoon!

Imagine this: a 7-day elopement in the Dolomites could cost around $17,000 or even less. And the best part? You can head straight into a dreamy honeymoon in Italy right after you tie the knot!

  • Two plane tickets: $1,500
  • Hotel or Airbnb: $1,500
  • Photographers: $7,000
  • Car rental: $1000
  • Hair + make-up: $500
  • Outfits: $4,000
  • Bouquet: $300
  • Groceries and food: $800
  • One fancy celebration dinner: $400
  • Total: $17,000

Our Wedding and Elopement Photography prices start at 5500 Euros and depend on the add-ons and amount of working time. All of the packages include:

  • Planning guidance and best vendor recommendations
  • Handcrafted elopement locations
  • Custom itinerary of the day
  • Digital photography
  • Drone photography coverage
  • Custom client gallery with full printing rights
  • All photography packages include travel and other fees

Prices START at €5500

lago di braies elopement
Elopement video by ISKRA



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