Canyon and Stokksnes Adventure Elopement in Iceland

canyon iceland elopement

Secret Canyon And Vestrahorn Elopement

If you’ve been hesitant about eloping in Iceland, this is your sign! Iceland is a truly unique place with its endless volcanic beaches, incredible canyons, glaciers, and volcanoes. Iceland is a world of its own, and it captured the hearts of Han and Chris, who, despite traveling to Iceland before, chose it for their elopement. During a single day, we hiked through an epic canyon, vast glaciers, and a black sand beach at the foot of a huge Vestrahorn mountain.

Our Iceland adventure elopement began with a hike to one of the highest waterfalls there, leading us to an exceptional lookout point where we peered over the cliff’s edge at the stunning canyon below. We were incredibly lucky with the heavenly golden light backlighting the mountain at the end of the canyon, which is part of a Vatnajökull Glacier.

After wrapping up at the canyon, we drove further ahead east by road number 1 to see and take elopement photos at one of our favorite sights of the whole of Iceland – a black sand beach with massive and magnificent Vestrahorn mountain towing over it.

iceland canyon
canyon iceland elopement

Vestrahorn and Stokksnes black sand beach Sunset Elopement

Chris and Han chose the absolutely mindblowing all-white outfits, especially for this totally black volcanic beach and mountain. It was true magic to see how everything came up together once we came to Vestrahorn at sunset.
Pro Tip: Keep in mind, that to enter the beach overlooking the Vestrahorn you need to pay for the entrance by car at the Viking Cafe, which is actually very convenient, especially time-wise and the distance to the beach is around a couple of kilometers.

To end the day we watched the midnight sun fade behind the mountains and glaciers to the west. We’ve continued making photos in the blue hour, as we felt these priceless moments of the light are truly something else. 10 of 10 would highly recommend eloping here!

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Jane & Anton Iskra is a husband and wife duo of elopement photographers behind ISKRA photography.

Here on their website, you can see their vision of wedding and elopement photography. Their photography is multi-awarded and world-known through the features in the best blogs and magazines online.
They’re in deep love with Iceland and the outdoors, love, and moody cinematic photography. If this is something you’re looking for – don’t hesitate to contact!

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