The Northern Lights and Elopements in Iceland

All you need to know about the Northern Lights: How to see them and how to get married under the gorgeous Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are one of nature’s most stunning displays, and Iceland is a great place to see them. Thanks to Iceland’s location close to the Arctic Circle, which offers long, dark nights from September to April – the best time to see and photograph them! If you’re planning to include the Northern Lights in your wedding or elopement, it’s important to know that catching them can be unpredictable. There might be weeks without any Northern Lights in Iceland! No guarantees at all!


Plan your wedding or elopement in Iceland in the wintertime, around times of solar storms, that make the lights more visible. Keep an eye on the Aurora Forecast app and work with your local Iceland wedding photographer who can quickly adapt to changing conditions and recommend the best spot to see the Northern Lights and have them captured beautifully in your wedding photos.

Why do the Northern Lights happen?

The Northern Lights happen when particles from the sun collide with the atmosphere of the Earth close to the magnetic poles, creating bright, green and magenta colors dancing in the sky.

Tips for Your Best Shots While seeing the Northern Lights

  1. Winter months are best, thanks to longer nights.
  2. Head north and away from city lights, perhaps with a local guide or knowledgeable photographer.
  3. Check updates on solar activity which predicts the Northern lights.
  4. Find a spot far from artificial lights.
  5. The Northern lights are unpredictable, so you might need several attempts.
  6. Use a tripod for clear, long-exposure shots.
  7. It will be getting colder, so dress warmly in layers.
  8. The Aurora can appear and disappear quickly, so hurry up, when you start noticing it!

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