Best Places to Elope in Iceland

Best Waterfall Elopement Locations

elopement at Kvernufoss wide frame


Eloping at Kvernufoss in Iceland gives you a serene and less crowded setting. Tucked away from the busy paths, this waterfall offers a tranquil spot, ideal for an intimate ceremony. The soft sound of the water and the secluded atmosphere add to the magic of your special day. 

Skogafoss black couple elopement


Skógafoss, a glorious waterfall in Southern Iceland, is perfect for wedding ceremonies with its 200-foot height and easy access (a 2-minute walk from the parking lot). It’s popular, so for a quieter ceremony, visit early in the morning.

Pro tip: At sunrise and early in the morning, you might see a stunning rainbow over the falls, ideal for memorable elopement photos.
Gljúfrabúi LGBTQ elopement


Gljúfrabúi is a hidden waterfall in Iceland, close to the well-known Skógafoss. You reach it by walking through a narrow rock gap that opens up to reveal the waterfall inside a small cave. This secret spot is great if you plan a super private elopement.

Pro tip: it's a very touristy spot, so talk to your elopement photographer if you want to elope there.

Best Ice Caves and Glaciers to Elope

Katla Ice Cave elopement photograph sjot on with a wide angle lens

Katla Ice Cave & Glacier

Planning your Iceland elopement, definitely think about Katla Geopark in Iceland. It’s got Katla, a big active volcano, and a mix of ice and mountains. The place is really special with its black sand beaches, incredible green moss volcanoes, and of course the legendary glacier with the huge Katla Ice Cave. It’s perfect for an adventurous wedding, but be ready for changing weather and surroundings to make the most of this amazing spot.

Diamond Beach elopement photograph of the couple standing on the iceberg

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach

If you’re thinking of Iceland and its massive icebergs and glaciers, you’ll want to consider Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. It’s a stunning spot where icebergs float in a calm lagoon.

Diamond Beach, just a hop from Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, is a breathtaking spot for elopements in Iceland. Imagine black volcanic sands, sparkling with ice that seems to light up the beach. It’s a perfect place for an intimate ceremony. The most magical time for a wedding here is either sunrise or sunset, when the light gives everything a soft, golden shimmer.

Best elopement locations in Southern Iceland

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Reynisfjara Beach, an iconic spot for an elopement on Iceland‘s southern Iceland, is truly a sight to behold. Famous for its striking black sand, it offers a unique and dramatic setting for intimate ceremonies. The beach is also renowned for its distinctive basalt column formations rising from the sea and a large stone wall that forms a natural cave. Reynisfjara’s stunning natural features make it a top choice for couples seeking a unique and picturesque location for their special day.

Dyrholaey cliff elopement photograph of the LGBTQ couple with the view at the glacier

Dyrholaey Cliff

For breathtaking coastal views, consider eloping at Dyrholaey Sea Cliff. This spot offers stunning panoramic sights of endless Iceland’s coast, with the jaw-dropping backdrop of the huge Katla Volcano. However, be aware that it can get busy in peak seasons, but don’t worry too much – we know how to escape crowds. For example, a great solution is to plan a sunrise ceremony here, giving you a quieter, more intimate experience with the spectacular scenery.

West Iceland locations to Elope

Snaefellsnes National Park

The Snaefellsnes peninsula, less than a two-hour drive from Reykjavik, is quite the easy-to-miss, undiscovered treasure. Its Snaefellsnes National Park is a peaceful wonderland, famous for its epic views, perfect for those who love a quieter and more secluded celebration.

There’s much to explore along the coast, from black sand beaches to ancient moss-covered lava fields, and of course a huge Snaefellsness volcano. Adding to its charm are quaint fishing villages and a rugged coastline, making it an ideal spot for a laid-back yet adventurous elopement at Snaefellsnes.

Arnarstapi Stone Bridge

Arnarstapi village is home to a remarkable natural wonder – the Arnarstapi Stone Bridge. This impressive arch-like formation is a result of centuries of erosion and stands as a stunning testament to the power of nature. Surrounded by rugged cliffs and the roaring Atlantic Ocean, it’s a spectacular spot for couples looking to capture the essence of Iceland’s dramatic landscape in their elopement.

Kirkjufell Mountain and Waterfall

Kirkjufell, also called “Church Mountain,” on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula’s north coast, is a captivating option for your elopement in the West of Iceland. Known for its famous distinctive shape, this mountain is one of Iceland’s most photographed sites. Its striking and tranquil setting makes Kirkjufell an ideal backdrop for a memorable and picturesque wedding ceremony.

Central Iceland locations to elope

Icelandic Highlands

For an out-of-the-ordinary elopement, Central Iceland’s Highlands are a stunning choice. This region is known for its dramatic landscapes, including lava fields and glaciers. Remember, though, that getting around this rugged area typically requires a 4×4 vehicle due to the challenging terrain.

If you want the most secluded spot and are ready for the adventure elopement – it’s definitely your choice!

Best East Iceland places to elope

Vestrahorn elopement photograph of the couple with the mountain at the background
Vestrahorn and Stokksness elopement photograph of the couple  from the bird view made with a drone

Vestrahorn Mountain

On the southeastern coast, Vestrahorn’s iconic peaks provide a stunning setting for an elopement, mirrored in the black sands beneath. This rugged and untamed backdrop is perfect for couples looking to exchange vows amidst nature’s dramatic beauty.

Vestrahorn is less crowded compared to other popular tourist spots, offering a more private and immersive experience. It’s an ideal choice if you’re seeking a vast, open space to explore and wander with your partner. This is by far, one of our favourite spots in the whole of Iceland.

Pro tip: plan a sunrise ceremony there for the most secluded ceremony and surreal views.
Secret Canyon Iceland elopement photograph of the couple

Secret Canyon at the East of Iceland

Secret Canyon is a great place for an elopement if you’re looking for somewhere quiet and naturally beautiful. The canyon has high cliffs and greenery, making it both peaceful and impressive. It’s a bit off the beaten path, so you’ll likely have more privacy for your ceremony. With its scenic waterfalls and trails, it’s perfect for couples who want a mix of adventure and a personal, intimate setting for their special day.

Pro Tip: Choosing Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon for your elopement day might not be ideal due to its popularity, which can affect the privacy and intimacy of the ceremony, and its environmental sensitivity, as the area is prone to damage from increased foot traffic.

Elopement locations at Westfjords

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, in Iceland’s Westfjords, is perfect for an intimate and wild elopement. It’s a remote place with cliffs, valleys, and Arctic plants blooming in Jule and July, creating a beautiful natural setting.
Couples who love adventure can get married with views of dramatic cliffs and the Arctic Ocean, or in a quiet, hidden valley.

Pro Tip: It's a pretty off-beaten path and difficult to get, so plan and discuss it with us, if you want to plan an elopement there. This destination requires thorough planning.
Dynjandi waterfall engagement photograph

Dynjandi Waterfall

Dynjandi, known as the “Jewel of the Westfjords,” is an impressive waterfall in Iceland’s remote Westfjords. Its name means “thunderous,” describing its powerful presence. To get there, you’ll enjoy a scenic drive and a short hike, leading to various spots to view the waterfall. Dynjandi’s secluded location makes it an ideal, romantic spot for couples, offering a unique and stunning setting to celebrate their love.

5 Pro Tips to Plan your Iceland elopement from Local Iceland Elopement Photographer

  • Consider the Season: Each season offers a different beauty.
  • Think Accessibility: Some locations are more remote than others, think about logistics beforehand and check your route at the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration website.
  • Privacy Matters: For intimacy, seek out lesser-known spots. Reynisfjara or Skogafoss is not an option for privacy.
  • Nature’s Conditions: Iceland is known for its super changeable weather, so be prepared for all types of it. Pack warm waterproof clothes and layers.
  • Connect with the Landscape: Choose a location that speaks to both of you. Imagine yourself at one of these incredible places and choose! 



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