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How much does a wedding officiant cost in Iceland?

Many dream of eloping in Iceland – with its truly unique volcanic landscapes: vast, sometimes intimidating, but always breathtaking, it is the most ideal place for an epic adventure elopement or an intimate wedding.

One of the common questions that many who are going to hold a wedding or elopement in this country ask is the following: why is everything so expensive here? And the short answer is the extremely remote location: everything almost has to be imported into this country, even the gasoline and many other common goods.

Fun fact: when you compare the cost of a 7-day elopement and honeymoon in Iceland to a traditional wedding in the US, you’ll find that the Icelandic option is roughly half the price. I’ve made a full price breakdown in my guide for Iceland Elopement Packages.


So returning to the question – how much you will pay for a wedding officiant in Iceland? The beginning of the year of 2024 reflects a slight price increase. 

In Reykjavik, the price varies between $400 USD and $700 USD. The further away from the capital you plan your wedding ceremony – the more expensive it becomes. The reason is very simple – the gasoline price in Iceland is around $8.5 per gallon. So if you need any other vendor for your elopement – you’ll need to count these expenses accordingly.

If you want to have an indoor ceremony at some historical places like Budir – you can check how much the Budir Church Wedding ceremony costs and decide on the venue for your ceremony.

The fees charged by some may be considered steep overall, but, as can be seen, the cost of an Iceland eloping experience, including during independent travel and a honeymoon, is still more affordable than a traditional wedding in the US.  This is just one part of how Iceland can be a beautiful alternative venue for the most beautiful day of your life.

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