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Best Place to buy an Iceland Wedding Dress Online


While visiting a bridal shop to try on dresses is a magical experience for many, it’s not the ideal choice for everyone. Some brides prefer not to model numerous dresses in a public setting. Shopping online for your wedding dress is an excellent alternative, allowing you to comfortably browse an extensive selection from around the world at various price points. It’s a great way to discover a dress that not only fits your budget but also reflects your style, without the pressure of deciding on a store. 

Many of our brides opt to buy their dream dress for their Iceland elopements online and never regret that. And you know what’s the best part of it?! It can save quite a significant sum of money because online boutiques can offer pretty pleasant discounts compared to physical stores.
Shopping for your wedding dress online isn’t about finding the cheapest option shipped from China (lol). It’s a way to explore a huge variety of styles that have been crafted around the globe, allowing you to find a dress that matches your taste and still stays within your budget. This approach gives you the freedom to make a well-informed choice from the comfort of your home.

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How to choose the right wedding dress for your Iceland elopement?

When selecting the perfect wedding dress, it’s crucial to consider several key aspects to ensure it matches both your personal style and the demands of your wedding day. Think twice or even three times, especially if you plan an adventure elopement in Iceland, as it’ll definitely require a hike or some activities in the dress.

  • Seasonal Considerations: Think about the time of year you’re getting married. Will you need a dress with long sleeves or extra layers to stay warm, or a lighter material that’s ideal for hot summer days? You’ll even need to consider the layered outfits if you plan a winter elopement in Iceland. Warm wool or hiking socks will be the best option as well not to freeze in the fresh Icelandic winds.
  • Location and Comfort: Evaluate the locations where you’ll spend your day. If you plan to elope with outdoor activities like hiking, you’ll need a dress that allows for ease of movement and comfort.
  • Day’s Activities: Reflect on the special activities planned, especially if you’re an adventurous bride! Whether it’s snowboarding, ice climbing, horseback riding, waterfall soaking, or taking photos in unique Icelandic landscapes like a rocky lava field, your dress should support these adventures, and the wedding dress material have to fit it as well.
  • Personal Style Preferences: Before visiting bridal stores, it’s useful to explore different wedding dress styles online. Most tech-savvy brides use Pinterest for inspiration. This will help you identify what styles resonate with you and which ones feel a bit too much. Or maybe you want to wear something outstanding like a flowy black wedding dress?! Such outstanding wedding dresses for Iceland elopements can be easily bought online.


Also, I’d love to add a couple of words as an experienced Iceland elopement videographer & photographer! Here are some PRO tips to consider:

  1. Flowy & light wedding dress materials will blow nicely in the fresh Icelandic winds.
  2. Prioritize the easy-to-move materials and kinds of wedding dresses, if you want to move around with comfort during your epic adventurous elopement.
  3. We recommend dresses that you can wear hiking boots under if you’re planning an adventurous elopement in Iceland. Heels are a big NO-NO here in Iceland, as you won’t be able to move around in the Icelandic terrains like black sands or green mosses.
  4. Your Iceland wedding dress has to be COMFORTABLE. By the end of the wedding day, you’ll say thank you 🙂
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